Wills, Estates, & Trusts
Naperville, Illinois

In addition to family law matters, I provide clients with an understanding of estate law necessary to make testamentary documents that will accomplish what the client wants after death. I represent clients to provide guidance in drafting their wills, to help them probate their loved ones wills and administer trusts. I draft wills for a wide variety of clients, and I also prepare their healthcare power of attorneys and property power of attorneys as needed.
Signing of Documents - Family Law in Naperville, IL
Wills- Wills are documents that follow the requirements of the statute and outline your directives for how to distribute your property upon your death. They are the only way to name after your death the guardians and caretakers that you want for your minor children should something happen to you and your spouse. When representing you, I will explain the benefits of creating a plan for your future and draft a will that is designed to meet your goals and objectives. After a person dies, that person's will may have to go through probate in order for the assets to be distributed and the estate to be closed.

Probate- Probate has an inaccurate reputation for being expensive and time consuming, but the statutory process has been streamlined over the years and can actually be cost effective. When a person dies with significant assets in his or her name alone, that person's estate must go through probate in order to properly and legally distribute the assets to the named beneficiaries. Probate is a court process during which:

– The decedent's will is analyzed to confirm that it is valid
– Assets and debts are properly accounted for and gathered
– The assets of the estate are properly distributed

Representation from an experienced probate attorney is an important component of successfully moving the estate through probate. As part of her longtime legal practice, Marsha Cellucci has provided representation during the probate process for many clients. She can ensure that Illinois and Federal laws are met and provide advice, assist with real estate transactions, and provide guidance regarding the tax implications of the probate estate.

Trusts -There are many types of trusts available for estate planning purposes. Your age, assets, debt, marital status and more all come into play in determining what type of trust, if any, would meet your needs.

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