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A very high percentage of marriages are still ending in divorce in Naperville, and many more cities and towns across the four counties of DuPage, Will, Kendall and Kane. Marsha Cellucci has been helping clients in the west suburban Chicago area have a relatively sane and cost-efficient divorce instead of a “War of Roses.” She is perfectly willing and competent to fight a war when necessary, but her philosophy is that she provides a better service to her clients and the children of her clients by trying to get the parties to resolve their issues without a war.

What will a divorce cost? Lawyers are allowed only to charge for the time they spend helping clients through the divorce and court process. The hourly rate is high – a number that will cover the lawyer’s overhead and expenses as well as a fair income for their expertise and professional services. A divorce can be very costly if it gets out of control. However, the client has some control over the cost. The client can choose not to take positions that are unreasonable or purely emotionally motivated. But he or she may not have control over how the other spouse and attorney choose to behave.

Attorney Cellucci will try to keep the case in control so that your divorce will cost as little as possible. She cannot quote a fixed cost but she can tell you that she has handled divorces that cost as little as $1,500 where there are no children, no real estate, no retirement account issues and no fight. You should expect to pay a retainer based upon a very preliminary estimate of the number and complexity of the issues involved typically from $1,500 to $5,000 – representing approximately six to 20 hours of attorney time. Attorney Cellucci will explain and assess with you the cost-effectiveness of all of your options and provide you with information about a cooperative or collaborative approach as well as all litigation and settlement options so that you can get through this emotionally difficult period of life with the least amount of stress possible.

What is actually involved in a divorce? In very simple terms, a divorce is a legal termination or dissolution of a marriage that occurs by asking the appropriate court to dissolve your marriage and determine how your income, assets and debt will be divided between you as well as how you will parent your children after a divorce. Typically, parties who are divorcing must either come to an agreement or have a court make the determinations in three general areas of divorce issues: property, maintenance and child issues. Divorcing parties may come to an agreement on all of the issues in a divorce, or they may dispute one or all of them. When there are disputes, Marsha Cellucci provides her clients with options for resolution and the likely outcome of those options. If all issues are settled through negotiation, a divorce may be handled with a marital settlement agreement that is incorporated into a court decree, eliminating the need for contentious and emotionally draining court hearings and trials. Not all cases can be resolved through negotiation, however, and, when necessary, she will use her experience and knowledge to conduct the litigation.

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