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When Do I Need A Will?

Wills are documents that follow the requirements of the statute and specify what you want to happen when you die, i.e., your directives for how to distribute your property upon your death. If you have minor children, it is more important that you have a Will. A Will is the only way to let the court know who you want to be the guardian and caretaker for your minor children should something happen to both you and your spouse. A Will can also specify what you want to happen in the rare but not impossible event that your family tragically dies all together in an accident. In some cases, what you want to happen is just what the law would require to happen and you don’t need a Will at least for as long as the situation remains the same. In other situations, you may want to add a simple trust to the terms of your will or create a simple independent trust. In cases where the client has a disabled child or a child whose needs they believe have to be addressed a little differently, special provisions or special needs trusts may have to be developed. When representing clients who are inquiring about Wills, Marsha Cellucci will explain the benefits of creating a plan tailored for your future and draft a Will that is designed to meet your goals and objectives.

Create Your Will With Confidence

A Will communicates your wishes about how you want your assets distributed, among other important legal details upon your death. Contact The Law Office of Marsha H. Cellucci at 630-912-5058 for a consultation about establishing your Will and other essential estate planning documents.