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Is A Health Care Power Of Attorney The Same As A Living Will Or DNR?

Yes and no. A Health Care Power of Attorney (HPOA) can do what a Living Will did and more. An HPOA can name the person (agent) you want to make all of your medical decisions should you not be able to do so yourself. It will give your agent access to your medical records and it will convey your wishes about burial and services to your agent so that your wishes can be followed.

A Health Care Power of Attorney is different from a DNR (do not resuscitate). A DNR tells a hospital that its personnel should not attempt resuscitation in certain circumstances. The HPOA gives a person you trust the authority to make those decisions and direct the hospital personnel accordingly.

The format for this document is set out in Illinois statutes with instructions but it still can be complicated and difficult to understand. Attorney Cellucci will walk you through the document and help you complete it in a way that best suits your needs.

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