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There are two general types of guardianships: guardianships of minors and guardianships for disabled adults.

Guardianship Of Minors

A client should consult with attorney Cellucci to discuss whether guardianship of the person for a minor or the estate of a minor or both is appropriate and under what circumstances. A guardian of the person is the person who will take physical care of the minor child. Often grandparents or relatives seek to be appointed guardian of the person for a minor child because it is the only way they can enroll the child in school or get medical treatment or other services for a minor that has been left in the grandparents’ care by parents who cannot take care of the child for various reasons.

A guardian of the estate of a minor child is a person who is appointed to take care of the money of a minor child. A guardian of the estate may be required to obtain court approval for every withdrawal of the minor’s money in a protected bank account. A guardian of the estate is required to be appointed if the minor child has a substantial amount of money from, for example, a monetary award as a result of a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit. A guardian of the estate of a minor child is required before an insurance company, for example, will pay life insurance proceeds to a minor. The life insurance company cannot write a check to a minor child and the courts want to make sure the money of a child is managed well and appropriately, so a guardian of the estate of the minor is needed. Even a natural parent must be legally named guardian of the estate of a minor in these situations.

These guardianship of minors proceedings take place in the probate court. Once appointed the guardian will receive official Letters of Office from the court that will act as identification of their authority. The guardian will also be required by the court to take guardianship training offered by the Office of the State Guardian and then report as frequently as annually to the court on the welfare and finances of the child.

Experienced Advocacy For Guardianship Proceedings

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