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Competent Real Estate Guidance In Your Divorce Or Estate Administration

Sometimes, legal issues are not always tied to one area of law. When one issue begins to turn into many, the last thing you want to is to hire more attorneys to help you, so why not just choose one who can help with all of it?

At The Law Office of Marsha H. Cellucci, you can find an attorney with more than 35 years of experience representing clients from her office in Naperville. Attorney Cellucci strives to provide her clients with efficient and effective representation to tackle the primary legal problem they face and anything that may come up along the way, including real estate-related concerns.

A Lawyer Ready For Anything

While the majority of attorney Cellucci’s practice is in family law and probate and estate planning, real estate matters frequently arise in conjunction with other legal proceedings. Common real estate needs from these legal areas include:

  • Document reviews
  • Mediation and negotiation
  • Real estate purchases or sales
  • Deed preparation and recording
  • Title insurance work

Choose Experienced Representation To Help You

Divorces often require couples to sell the home and split the money or sign the deed over to a single spouse. When a loved one passes, their family may need to figure out how to properly inherit the decedent’s house.

The need for attorney representation in independent real estate transactions, sales and purchases, arises frequently when attorney Cellucci’s clients are purchasing a bigger home, moving to be nearer children, or downsizing. She is able to handle those independent real estate sales or purchases for her clients as well as when such transactions become necessary as part of other legal matters. She has a great deal of experience in transactional residential real estate sales and purchases and development real estate work because several years ago she and her firm formerly handled the zoning, infrastructure development and sale of the individual properties in several subdivisions in the area.

When you need someone to help with your real estate matters and any additional legal issues that may arise, call The Law Office of Marsha H. Cellucci at 630-912-5058 or email the firm here. Schedule your initial consultation with an Illinois attorney with decades of experience who is ready to help you.